“In complete freedom of action, the people often times have a more effective remedy than can be supplied by government interference. Individual initiative, in the long run, is a firmer reliance than bureaucratic supervision. When the people work out their own economic and social destiny, they generally reach sound conclusions”


— “The Things That Are Unseen”. Speech by Calvin Coolidge. 1923

A New American Dialogue

A new approach to renew and expand America’s Representative, Participative Democracy from

a partnership between The Sagamore Institute and TechServ Corporation

A 501(c)(3) not-for profit organization addressing America’s challenges through informed dialogue, informing and promoting discourse around national issues for the general public, inclusive of a wide range of perspectives.

A think tank based in Indiana focused on constructive action that builds and implements sustainable solutions to society’s biggest problems by combining research with entrepreneurial ideas and innovations, citizen engagement, and impact investing.

A project management and consulting company, specializing in strategic consulting, stakeholder collaboration, workforce development, marketing communications, creative services, and website development.

This program prioritizes:

  • 1

    Diversity of perspectives and experiences which make up the broader community.

  • 2

    Broader understanding among all parties of the various nuances of positions taken by those with whom they might be presumed to have significant differences.

  • 3

    Collaboration between partners, members of the organization, and the public.

  • 4

    Transparency concerning resources developed by the organization.

We believe that healing the nation’s divide starts with an open, honest conversation

The United States was founded on the belief that its new government would be aware of, and responsive to, the interests and concerns of its vast and diverse citizenry.

Increasingly, issues confronting the US have been addressed by vigorous opposing views along self-interest with little understanding of the basic principles ensconced in our founding.

The goal of this program is to provide a central focus, coordination, and resources, eventually leading to an effective national discussion with substantial impact on or social, economic, and political systems.

We believe transforming America’s political outlook begins by informing and strengthening the convictions of voters across the nation, which will then generate a representative body sufficient to lead them.

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